The best Marketing strategy

Use our leads capture and nurturing tools to communicate with them and sell even more. Build templates e campaigns in just a few minutes

Landing Pages

Create a landing page to offer e-books, PDFs with rich content and other relevant materials to attract more leads.

Pop Ups

Set up Pop Ups on your website's windows and offer discounts or exclusive materials. Choose whether Pop Up should appear when your visitor decides to leave your page, spend a certain amount of time on it, or if a number of pages are visited.


Make mass email shots. Use this tool to communicate with your lead base, send promotions or offer loyalty discounts - you choose. Enjoy the benefits of one of the best email triggers on the market!


Monitor social media or outline specific areas of your competitors' sites. You will be notified by email when there is any change in the marked area. That means less time spent on routine activities and more time on your strategies!


Detect instabilities on your website. Just create your Metlycs's account and you're set! You'll be notified by e-mail whenever we detect any erros - slow page loads, page not found and more. We send another e-mail whenever everything gets back to normal

BI report

Have all your business data at hand in real time. Closed deals, sales funnel funnel, how many leads clicked on your last e-mail and more. You can always export reports at your best convenience

Qualify your leads and check your conversions


We developed a Persona Builder so you can qualify your leads and organize your database according to your ideal customer profile

Lead Analytics

Know in which moment of your sales funnel every lead is and what is the best performing conversion origin

Native CRM

Integrate all your tools to Metlycs's CRM and keep all your leads data in the same place


Know the path every visitor took until he became lead. Have a conversion history from every contact