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Metlycs has been tailored made for

Our platform will provide you the best experience with digital marketing. Have all your client's data, campaigns and actions easily organized in one place.

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Manage. Track. Optimize

Tracker and database for all your needs

Integrated solution to manage your contacts, leads and clients.

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  • Know your data

    Have all your data well organized and categorized.

  • Everything at your reach

    Download your databases to access them offline.

  • Personalized teams

    Add whoever you need and control the types of access.

  • Don`t worry

    Receive news and alerts in your email.

feature ping

Check the stability of your website at all times

Solve the instability in a fast and efficient way as soon as they appear

Website instabilities affects your client's experience, not solving it quickly can make them disappointed! Therefore, we will let you know by email the moment we identify an issue, with date, time and the possible reason.

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feature comparador

Keep track of your competitors

Automate the way you keep an eye in your competitors

Install the Metlycs plug-in and be able to select areas of various websites, then be notified every time a change has been made, with history of comparisons, date and time of the change! All areas can be separated in campaigns and groups, for different strategies of comparison with one or multiples websites.

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feature landing pager

Create and publish Landing Pages for your business

Simple, easy and functional: the page editor for all your needs

Have autonomy to create your business Landing Pages at any moment. With this feature, you get templates for openings, product's launch, partnership and much more, you can even make them from scratch and duplicate them if needed.

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Plug and Play

Connect everything to get the best out of your experience

Use other platforms to the maximum in one place, integrate Google Analytics, Facebook and Twitter to Metlycs.

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Combine your needs and build an ideal plan for your business.

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Each plan has included

  • Multiples organizations
  • Multiples simultaneous accesses
  • Multiples managements with one account only
  • Unlimited accesses
  • Unlimited possibilities
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