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Everything you need for your Digital Marketing Strategy

Metlycs is a complete digital marketing platform to capture and nurture leads while monitoring data about your competitors

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E-mail Marketing

Communicate with your leads. Build e-mail campaigns and your own template in a few minutes

  • 1.000 deliveries per month 0,00/per month
  • 10.000 deliveries per month 59,90 /per month
  • 20.000 deliveries per month 119,80/per month
  • 40.000 deliveries per month 239,60/per month
  • 80.000 deliveries per month 459,00/per month
  • 16.0000 deliveries per month 869,00/per month
  • 600.000 deliveries per month 1649,00/per month
  • 1000.000 deliveries per month 2299,00/per month


Save all your informations about lead conversion, sales, personas e behavior in one place

  • 2.000 leads 0,00/per month
  • 5.000 leads 11,80 /per month
  • 10.000 leads 23,60/per month
  • 20.00 leads 47,20/per month
  • 40.000 leads 89,00/per month
  • 80.000 leads 169,00/per month
  • 200.000 leads 315,00/per month
  • 500.000 leads 599,00/per month


E-mail delivery, tag and personas management, considering each lead's behavior. Create as many automations as you wish with multiple guidelines, at no cost

Landing Page

Create as many Landing Pages you desire, at no cost. Build your own template in just a few minutes

Pop Ups

Unlimited Pop Ups without paying for it. Choose between multiple visualization options


Monitor competitors and social media automatically. Receive and e-mail notification whenever a visual change has been made

  • 2 areas+60 comparisons 0,00/per month
  • 10 areas+400 comparisons 18,75/per month
  • 20 areas+800 comparisons 37,50/per month
  • 40 areas+1.600 comparisons 75,00/per month
  • 120 areas+6.400 comparisons 119,00/per month
  • 240 areas+18.000 comparisons 249,00/per month
  • 300 areas+40.000 comparisons 399,00/per month
  • 340 areas+60.000 comparisons 499,00/per month


Detect instabilities in your site. Receive an instability notification by e-mail and another one when everything gets back to normal

  • 15 minute check interval 0,00/per month
  • 10 minute check interval 4,90 /per month
  • 5 minute check interval 7,90/per month
  • 3 minute check interval 14,90/per month
  • 1 minute check interval 49,00/per month

Exclusive Tools

Make the best decisions at the right time. We develop exclusive tools to optimize your strategies



Detect instabilities in your site at the moment they occur

  • Get to know what caused the instability
  • Receive a notification when all gets back to normal
  • Keep track of all the instabilities that happened
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Monitor your competitor's website or social media. Receive changes by email

  • Monitor social media
  • Monitor specific areas from competitors' websites
  • Keep track of all the updates
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Relatório de BI

BI Reports

Analyse all reports in real-time. Get all campaigns results and know how many leads are in each sales funnel stage

  • Lead Analytics
  • All campaigns results
  • Real-time data
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Amazing landing page builder and excellent e-mail marketing. Everything is easy to operate. I'm astonished by this platform

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